Tinos Island

Tinos is the third largest island in Cyclades, known for its various types of holidays it offers.
Tinos has been a place of worship since the ancient times. The temple of Poseidon and Amphitrite is located at Kionia, Tinos, and, during the Hellenistic era, the pilgrims en route to the temple of Apollon on Delos, continued their journey to Delos after a ritual cleansing at this temple of Kionia.
Soldiers  from Tinos fought against the Persians at the battle of Plataea, the battle of Marathon, as well as the sea battle of Salamis.
During the years of Venetian control, Tinos  enjoyed considerable social and economic growth that continued even during the Ottoman occupation, giving a large number of special rights to the island, which developed into an important Aegean economic centre.
It is on Tinos, at the village Pirgos, that the insurrection against the Turks was proclaimed for the first time in Cyclades. During the same period, in 1823, the miracle-working icon of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary was discovered, after a vision of the nun Pelagia, and the splendid, known to the whole world, Church of the Virgin Mary was constructed on the same spot.
During the period of the German Occupation, Tinos played an influential role in the resistance.
Tinos is the birthplace of many artists, such as Yannoulis Chalepas, Nikiforos Litras, Nikolaos Gizis and others. You can visit:

  • Museum of Tinos artists, in the front yard of the Church of the Virgin Mary
  • Archaeological museum
  • Cultural foundation of Tinos, with its permanent Chalepas exhibition
  • Yannoulis Chalepas’ house in Pirgos
  • Museum of Marble Crafts in Pirgos
  • Museum of Tinos artists in Pirgos
  • School of fine arts in Pirgos
  • House of the exhibitions in Falatados
  • Temple of Poseidon and Amphitrite at Kionia
  • The dovecotes in Tarambados
  • K. Tsoklis museum in Kampos


Kardiani and Isternia with their fantastic views over the Aegean Sea, Volax with its basket makers and the exceptional moonscape which is unique in the world, Pirgos with its perennial plane tree in its square, Falatados with its views to the imposing rock of Xombourgo and the matchless giant granite blocks, are some of the villages you can visit and enjoy a nice coffee or meal at a local taverna.
Our island’s beaches are immaculate, ready to satisfy every demand or liking. Some of them have deck chairs and sunshades. Try Livada, Ormos Isternion, Kolimbithra, Kionia, Porto.
Every summer the Municipality of Tinos organizes its cultural festival with concerts, exhibitions and art events, theatre.
All year long there are various events and festivals on the island, such as:

  • Evreseos’ festival of lights on 30th January
  • Festival of raki (a spirit distilled from wine) in Falatados, in September
  • Festival of Artichoke in Komi
  • Pig slaughter in Dio Choria
  • Festival of honey in Kambos


Try Tinos local delicacies, such as sausage, louza (the local prosciutto), different kinds of cheese, fourtalia (omelet with potatoes and the Tinos sausage), raki (a spirit distilled from wine), Easter little cheesecakes “tiropitakia”.


Photos of Tinos.

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